Web hosting

  • We provide 50mb of webspace
  • 5 E-mail accounts with POP and WebMail available
  • Includes FTP Access
  • Hosting Cost is just $10 per month or $120/year
  • Setup fee: $35 one time charge
  • Need a domain? We do domain registration for $35/year, or bring your own domain for free

Web Design

Our Website Starter Package is just $259 and includes:

  • An attractive 5 page professionally designed website
  • Contact Form so visitors to your site can email you directly and you can block spammers
  • Site Testing will be done on various browsers and screen resolutions to ensure functionality
  • Due to the customized nature of your site's needs, please follow this link to request a more accurate quote. Our web designer will contact you within 24 hours once the form is submitted.

    Please contact us if you have any question at (253) 627-8000