Ammon City Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet Service

Call (208) 747-8000

25Mbps Down/25Mbps Up

You will be pleased by calling 208-747-8000 and speaking with the "Advanced Stream Team." Real people, with no phone tree! A proven ISP with 25 years experience, no annual contracts, data caps, or hidden fees.

100Mbps Down/100 Mbps Up

No data caps, annual contracts, promotional gimmicks or hidden fees. You will be pleased with Advanced Stream. Call 208-747-8000. Famous for our "White Glove" service. Use your own router!

250Mbps Down/250 Mbps Up

Call 208-747-8000 for Advanced Stream's reliable Internet service —no waiting or phone trees! A proven ISP with 25 years experience, no data caps, gimmicks or contracts. A $50 bonus for every customer referal!

1 Gbps down/1Gbps Up

Advanced Stream's most popular "Gigabit" plan downloads a 2 1/2 hour movie in less than 1 minute! No data caps, annual contracts or promotional gimmicks! For Advanced Stream's "White Glove" service, please call 208-747-8000. Real people, with a sense of humor and no phone tree!


Prices Do Not Include:

- The City fiber utility fee, which is subject to change, paid directly to the City of Ammon for Operations and Maintenance.

- LID construction fee, collected by the City of Ammon. To find out if this applies to you or not, please call the City at 208-612-4000 for more information.

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