How can I get a static IP address?

1 static IP address can be purchased for $3.50/month on Res-2, Res-3, Com-1 Plan

Com-2 includes 1 static, and 1 more can be purchased at $3.50/each per month
Com-3 includes 2 static, and 3 more can be purchased at $3.50/each per month

To setup a static IP, we need to have the MAC address for the device that will have the static IP setup on. That device needs to be hooked directly to the cable modem, and it will need to be pulled off the network for at least an hour while we clear the host IF it had already been plugged into the modem at one point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bandwidth Cap Frequenly Asked Questions

Q Why place a cap on Internet consumption?
A Currently, less than 1% of our ISPs end-use customers use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth, which can impact other customers' experience on the shared network. In order to better manage the network, Click! and most other cable companies are considering or have already placed caps on consumption.

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