Here is an actual email from an Advanced Stream customer, named Dale
Customer writes in asking:

Dear Advanced Stream Support, Is this a legitimate email? I have no idea why I would be blind copied on an Email from Amazon? Could the server have misdirected this e-mail? Sincerely, Dale

Here is Advanced Stream's Support Answer to Dale: Dale, That email is definitely a scam. You can tell this several ways: 1. The from email address is "Nickolas Hagan []" 1. This points to a hijacked email account. 2. Amazon would never use personal email addresses to send payment notifications 3. Sometimes legitimate emails will have you bcc'ed, but that's primarily for mailing lists and not receipts. 2. If you hove your mouse over all the links you'll notice they got to a URL shortening service instead of directly to Amazon. 1. Scammers will often use a URL shortening service to hide their urls. 2. As you noticed, you did not actually order these, while sometimes companies will send to a wrong email address, Amazon is usually pretty good. Anyways, good job spotting the fake. It looks like the scammer put a lot of effort into making it look legitimate. Advanced Stream Team

Below is the image that came along with Dales email.

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