Frequently Asked Questions

Q How Fast is the service?
A Fast! Up to 100Mbps down/10Mbps up (Residential) Up to 100Mbps down/10Mbps up (Commercial)
Q Can I get it?
A If you live in the City of Tacoma, University Place, or Fircrest, usually you can. Give us your address and we'll let you know for sure. Please call our customer support at (253) 627-8000 for more information
Q How much does it cost to install?
A Our Special this month is $39, which includes the modem, data outlet and onsite set up. Please call for more information
Q How Many computers can I hook up?
A You can hook up 1 computer with the modem provided using the Ethernet port. Up to 5 computers can be hooked up at the same time with additional equipment.
Q How do you bill me?
A You may pay monthly, semi annually or annually. Including taxes, the total monthly rate is $32.95, the semi annual rate is $31.50 per month and the annual rate is just $29.95 per month. Please see the residential pricing packages and commercial pricing packages for more information
Q Do you provide email?
A Yes, 3 free email accounts are available at with the Residential service and above. Please contact us for more information.
Q I received an email asking for my email username/password, is it from Advanced Stream?
A No! Advanced Stream never askes for customer's information such as username/password/phone number through email.