This is the current list of approved cable modems for Click! Network. Model numbers must be exactly the same as listed below. All cable modems must be CableLabs certified DOCSIS 3.0.*

Approved DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modems

Arris Any Model 3.0
Motorola SB6120  3.0 
Motorola  SB6121 3.0 
Motorola SB6180  3.0 
Motorola  SBG6580  3.0 
Motorola  SB6141  3.0 

Actual speeds may vary depending on the number, performance, and configuration of the following:

  • Connected PC or connecting PC (Gigabit Ethernet NIC required for 100M)
  • Hardware (Processor, Single Core, Multi-Core), RAM, Hard Drive (write speed capabilities)
    Router and connecting adapters (Gigabit Ethernet interface required for 100M)
  • Software applications
  • Web Browser/Browser Plug-ins (Flash/Java)
  • Website/Server Limitations (Not all speed test sites are capable of testing 100M)
  • Network congestion outside of Click!’s network